CPA Affiliate Program

Get commissions for initials deposits of your referrals

The CPA (Cost Per Action) Affiliate Program is suitable for webmasters or SEO and digital marketing managers. To participate in this program, one does not need to have vast knowledge of the forex industry. Within the CPA, it is not necessary to make complex calculations, and there are no requirements for the lots volume and the spread pips. It is the client’s initial deposit and the start of trade that matter.

CPA participants get a one-off payment for every new active client. The size of the payment depends on the size of the initial deposit made by the client. The amount and volume of trades do not influence the reward.

This is how it works:

You attract a client by any available method
The referred client registers, opens a trading account and makes a deposit
You get commissions depending on the amount of the client’s initial deposit

Depending on the initial deposit of the referred client, the reward (an affiliate commission) amounts to:

From 1 EUR to 200 EUR
equal to the deposited sum
From 200 EUR to 499 EUR
200 EUR
From 500 EUR to 999 EUR
300 EUR
From 1,000 EUR to 2,499 EUR
500 EUR
From 2,500 EUR to 4,999 EUR
750 EUR
From 5,000 EUR to 9,999 EUR
1,000 EUR
From 10,000 EUR to 19,999 EUR
1,500 EUR
From 20,000 EUR and above
2,000 EUR

The affiliate commission is credited within at least one month. The period for the commission accrual is unlimited, even if the referral’s account is not active.

It is not a public offer. You can find more details about the terms and conditions in the Affiliate Agreement.